Photo detector and photo diode

Photo Detector :

Basic of photodetector :
The photodetector is also called an optical receiver. It converts the variation in optical power into a corresponding variation in the electric current. Read more

Cut of the wavelength of photodetector :
A cut of a wavelength of any photodetector can be defined as if any particular semiconductor can be absorbed photon over a limited wavelength range. Read more

Quantum efficiency of photodetector

In photodetector quantum efficiency is defined as the number of electron hall pair generated per incident photon of energy HV and is given as ȵ. Read more

Photo Diode :

What is photodiode?

A photodiode in order to convert the modulated electrical light back into an electrical signal, It is one type of light detector. Read more

Working of photodiode :
In the photodiode, convert the modulated light back into an electrical signal. As the intensity of the optical signal at the receiver is very low, the detector has to meet high-performance specifications. Read more

Applications of photodiode :

1. Light detector.  2. Used in demodulates. Read more 

Advantages: 1. The photodiode is linear. 2. Low resistance.
Disadvantages: 1. It has very low sensitivity. 2. Light sensitive device. Read more

PIN Photo Diode :

What is a PIN photodiode?

Basically, a PIN diode is one types of a photodetector. The PIN diode can be diagrammatical as being a PN junction. Read more

Applications of PIN diode

A PIN diode is used in a variety of different application from low to high radio frequency. A PIN diode is very good for RF switching. Read more 

Advantages and disadvantages of a PIN photodiode 

Advantages: 1. Low noise. 2.Low dark current.
Disadvantages: 1. Less sensitivity. 2. No internal gain. Read more

Avalanche Photo Diode :

What is avalanche photo diode ?

An avalanche photo diode is a semiconductor device. It is similar structure to that of PN or PIN photo diode. Read more 

Characteristics of avalanche photo diode :

Describing avalanche photo detector construction and current voltage characteristics curve with, depicts avalanche region to shown in figure. Read more

Applications of avalanche photo diode :

1. High speed laser scanner, Speed gun etc. 2. Particle detection 3. Optical range finding and Optical fiber test Read more

Advantages and disadvantages of Avalanche photo diode :
Advantages : 1. High performance 2. Fast response time
Disadvantages : 1. Much higher operating voltage required 2. Output is not linear Read more