Power electronics applications


The disadvantages of linear power supplies (LPS), such as lower efficiency, transformers used are heavier and large, more power is wasted in the form of heat, dissipation is more etc. overcome by implication of SMPS. Read more

SMPS meaning 
A switch mode power supply is an electronics circuit and it can convert power using switching devices that are turned on and off at the high frequencies. Read more

Advantages and disadvantages of SMPS 
Advantages: 1. The efficiency is high as compared to LPS, more than 80 to 90% 2. The device is used in SMPS is compact and very small in size
Disadvantages: 1. Greater circuit complexity 2. Expert design are required Read more

Application of SMPS :
1. Security system 2. Personal computer Read more

Uninterruptible power supplies :

There are several applications where even a temporary power failure can cause a great deal of public inconvenience leading to large economic losses. Earlier UPS systems were based on an arrangement shown in the figure. Read more 

Advantages: 1. Emergency power supply 2. Maintain battery life
Disadvantages: 1. Maintain cost is difficult 2. Startup cost is too much high Read more

Application of  UPS :
1. Outdoor uses/military uses 2. Multiple redundancies 3. Hospital Read more

High voltage DC transmission :

It is well known that electric power generated in power plants is transmitted to the load center on three phase ac transmission lines. However, for bulk power transmission over a long distance, High voltage DC transmission line is preferred. Read more 

Advantages: 1.Size of a conductor in DC transmission can be reduced as there is no skin effect 2. Cost is less as compared to the AC transmission
Disadvantages: 1. Expenses inverters with limited overload capacity 2. HVDC is less reliable Read more

Static switches :

A switch having no moving part called a static switch. Power semiconductor devices which can be turned on and off within a few microseconds can be used as fast acting static switches. Read more 

Advantages of static switches
Advantages: 1. SS has no moving parts, It maintenance is therefore very low 2. SS has long operational life Read more 

Static circuit breaker : 

A static circuit breaker is basically semiconductor-based circuit. It is capable of providing a fast and reliable interruption current. Read more