Advantages and disadvantages of star topology

Star topology is one of the most important topologies in network engineering, it is easy to detect the fault and remove the part. Here this article gives information about the advantages and disadvantages of star topology to know more details about it.

Advantages of star topology :
  • Easy to manage
  • Good performance
  • One I/O port
  • Robust
  • Easy to cope with the fault
  • Easy to locate the problem
  • Easy to detect the fault and remove the part
  • It is easy to install and to maintain
  • Easy to add a new station
  • Easy to monitor and troubleshoot
  • More computer can be added without disruption
  • It is easy to identify the problem on the network
  • Improve network performance
  • Can accommodate different wiring
  • New nodes can easily be added and also have to remove to and from the central hub without affecting the any network
  • If any node or cable fails, other nodes or cable are not affected 
  • More scalable than a peer to peer or ring network or topology
 Disadvantages of star topology :
  • Failure for hub cripple attached station
  • Extra hardware required
  • Expensive to install
  • More cable required
  • There no route redundancy
  • It creates a single point of failure
  • It is more expensive as it uses the most cabling terms
  • If the hub fails, the entire system will fail
  • Traffic increases when a computer is simultaneously sending data to each other