RTD, Thermistor and thermocouple


Advantages: 1. Very stable output 2. Most accurate
Disadvantages: 1. High initial cost 2. Low sensitivity  Read more

RTD application
1. Automotive. 2.Computer. 3. Communication and Instrumentation. 4. Food handling and processing Read more


The thermocouple is basically a temperature measuring device.  The thermocouple is used for measuring the temperature at one particular point.  Read more 

Advantages: 1. Fast response time 2. They are a simple construction
Disadvantages: 1. Not as stable as RTD 2. Recalibration is difficult  Read more

1. These are used in gas machines for detecting the pilot flame. 2. These are used to test temperature in the chemical plants, petroleum plants. Read more


A thermistor is defined as a kind of resistor whose electrical resistance depends on varies with the changes in temperature.  Read more

Advantages: 1. High accurate 2. Repeatable
Disadvantages: 1. Thermistor need for shielding power lines. 2. Extremely non-linear  Read more

1. It is used the measurement of flow. 2. It is used for the measurement of high-frequency power. Read more