GiFi, HiFi, LiFi, WiFi technology

GiFi technology

What is GiFi?
GiFi stands for Gigabit wireless fidelity. This technology is a wireless technology, Now today's world fastest transmission transceiver integrated on a single chip that operates up to 60 GHz frequency band. GiFi has data transfer speed up to around too much high, 5 Gbps. Here this post gives some basic key features of GiFi technology to better understand this topic. Read more

1. High speed of data transfer 2. Small size 3. GiFi technology is simple 4. Quick deployment Read more 

Household things, HD television, PC, laptop, printers,high-security communication Read more
Advantages of GiFi: 1. It offers a very high data rate at lower interference. 2. The device is very cost-effective.
Disadvantages of GiFi: 1. It is less secure compared to the LiFi system.  2.  It supports a short distance of about 10 meters due to high attenuation. Read more 

LiFi technology

What is LiFi?
LiFi stands for Light fidelity, it is a type of wireless communication technology that uses infrared light, the visible light spectrum, or ultraviolet radiation to transmit the data. Read more 

Features of LiFi 
1. LiFi light is present everywhere. 2. It is safe technology to transfer confidential manner. 3. It eliminates any health hazards caused by RF waves. Read more 

Application of LiFi
Sensitive data, Indoor Navigation, Connectivity, The Military, Augmented reality, Safety environments Read more 

Advantages and  disadvantages of LiFi technology
Advantages of LiFi:  1. LiFi is easy to install. 2. The data transfer rate for internet applications is higher.
Disadvantages of LiFi:  1. The presence of light is essential. 2. There should be a line of sight. Read more 

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