Electrical wiring

Wiring technology will help to understand a few basic terms used in describe wiring. Electrical wiring is one type of conductor., which is a material that conducts electricity. Read more

Basic house wiring rules 
1. Carry out the wiring on the distribution system.
2. Don't allow wiring to run above the ceiling.
3. The fixed switchboard at the proper height. Read more

What is casing capping wiring?
Casing capping is one of the oldest methods for the wiring system and it has been very popular is frequently used. In today's world, after post introduction of the conduit or sheathed wiring system, it is preferred for the wiring system. Read more

Precaution of casing capping wiring
1. All the joints are made, in the junction boxes and also at switches and sockets.
 2. Completely varnished the casing and capping before installation. Read more 

What is cleat wiring?
Cleat wiring is one of the cheapest wiring systems considering the initial cost and labor and it is most suitable for a temporary electrical wiring systemRead more

Precaution of cleat wiring
1. The cable is lying straight in cleats.
2. Do not install this wiring in as specially for stores and flammable places. Read more

Why use cleat wiring?
1. All the cables are in open-air therefore fault is very easily found and replaced it very quickly. 2. It is easy to fault detection. Read more

What is concealed conduit wiring?
The concealed conduit wiring system is the most popular, most common type of house electrical wiring used. Read more

Precaution of  concealed conduit wiring
1. The interior surface of the conduit must be clean and dry otherwise the cables may suffer damage. 2. Every metal box must be earthed. 3. Always use the looping method. Read more 

Precaution of  conduit wiring
1.  Always draw the exact number of the wires into the conduit. 2. Always select the correct size of the conduit. Read more

What is batten wiring?
This is when a single wire or some group of wire is laid over a wooden batten. These wires are held to the batten for using a brass clip and spaced at an interval of 10 cm for horizontal runs and 15 cm for vertical runs. Read more

Precaution of batten wiring
1. If the cable is passing underwater pipes or walls then metal pipes are used.
2. Use the correct size of clips, if large clips are used then the beauty of wiring is not maintained. Read more

What is lead sheath wiring?

Precaution of lead sheathed wiring
1. The cable should not be run over damp places. 2. The cable should be properly protected were liable to mechanical damage. Read more

What is conduit wiring?

1. General reliability is good in wooden casing capping wiring while in lead sheathed wiring reliability is fairly good. 2. Dampness protection is poor in wooden casing capping but in lead sheathed wiring dampness protection is good. Read more 

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