LCP full form

What is the full form of LCP?


  • Link Control Protocol

What does LCP mean?

LCP is a part of the point to point called the PPP that operates in the data link layer. It is responsible for establishing, implementing, configuring, testing, maintaining, and terminating links for transmission. It also imparts negotiation for the set up of options and use of features by the two endpoints of the links.

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PPP full form

What is the full form of PPP?


  • Point to Point Protocol

What does PPP mean?

PPP is a computer networking communication protocol of the data link layer that is used to transmit multiprotocol data between two directly connected computers. PPP has three main components like a way to encapsulate multi-protocol datagrams, a link control protocol to establish, configure and test the data-link connection, and a group of network control protocols that establish and configure different type of network-layer protocols.

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AWT full form

What is the full form of AWT?


  • Abstract Window Kit

What does AWT mean?

AWT is a plateform dependent API to develop GUI or window based applications in java.  AWT is a part of java foudation classes. It was developed y su microsystem i 1995. AWT is GUI toolkit for a umer of java ME profiles. It is heavy weight in use ecause it is generated by the systems host operating systems. It contain a large number of classes and methods, which are used for creatig ad maagig GUI.

ROM full form

What is the full form of ROM?


  • Read-Only Memory

What does ROM mean?

ROM is a class of computer memory that could only be read. Such that the contents of the memory could e read multiple times ut could not be written, once written. ROM is a non-volatile type of memory, therefore data in it is retained even after the unavailability of power. ROM is useful for storing software/data that is rarely changed throughout the life of the system, Also known as firmware. ROM is cheap to produce as compared to other non-transiet storage mediums and hence experienced widespread adoption of the technology.

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EEPROM full form

What is the full form of EEPROM?


  • Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory 

What does EEPROM mean?

EEPROM is a type of nonvolatile memory used in computers and other electronic devices to store small amounts of data. EEPROM can be erased and also a reprogrammed through the application of electrical charge. A special form of EEPROM is flash memory. Which uses normal programming computer voltages for erasure and reprogramming.

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EPROM full form

What is the full form of EPROM?


  • Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory

What does EPROM mean?

EPROM is a memory chip that is nonvolatile in nature that is it can hold the data even after the power supply is stopped. It can be reused again and again as it is easily programmable and erasable. This device is an array of floating gate transistors individually programmed by an electronic device that supplies higher voltage than those normally used in electrical circuits.

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PROM full form

What is the full form of PROM?


  • Programmable Read-Only Memory

What does PROM mean?

PROM is a memory chip on which information can be composed as it were once. Once a program has been composed onto a PROM, It remains there until the end of time. Not at all like RAM, PROM has held its substance when the computer is turned off. A PROM is fabricated as blank memory, and after that, an uncommon burner to compose to it once. PROMS ordinarily store lower level gadget drivers for particular equipment and are burned once.

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GAL full form

What is the full form of GAL?


  • Generic Array Logic

What does GAL mean?

The GAL is a device that was an innovation of PAL and was invented a lattice semiconductor. GAL was an improvement on the PAL because one device type was able to take the place of many PAL device tyes or could even have functionality not covered by the original range of PAL device. It is the primary benefit, was that it was erasable and re-programmable, making prototyping and design changes easier for engineers.

PLD full form

What is the full form of PLD?


  • Programmable Logic Device

What does PLD mean?

PLD is a semiconductor device that can be programmed to obtain required logic devices. The advantages of PLD is re-programmability, they have replaced special purpose logic devices like logic gates, flip flop, counter, and multiplexer in many semi-custom applications. It reduces the design time and thus reduces the time for the product to reach the market. It consists of an array of AND and OR gates, which can be programmed to realize the required logic function.

PAL full form

What is the full form of PAL?


  • Programmable Array Logic

What does PAL mean?

PAL is also a PLD circuit that works similar to the PLA. PAL employes the programmable AND gates but fixed the OR gates, unlike PLA. It implements two simple functions where the number of linked AND gates to each OR gates specifies the maximum number of product terms that can be generated in a sum of product representation of the particular function. But the AND gates are perpetually connected to the OR gates, which signifies that produced product term is not shared with the output function.

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PLA full form

What is the full form of PLA?


  • Programmable Logic Array

What does PLA mean?

PLA is a fixed architecture logic device with programmable AND gates followed by programmable OR gate. PLA is a basically a type of programmable logic device used to build a reconfigurable digital circuit. PLDs have undefined function at the time of manufacturing but they are programmed before made into use. PLA is a combination of memory and logic. A PLA is logic device that offers a simple as well as flexible logic circuit designing.

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DDWG full form

What is the full form of DDWG?


  • Digital Display Working Group

What does DDWG mean?

The digital display is an open industry group lead by intel, Fujitsu, IBM and NFC corporation and silicon image an objective to address the industry requirement for a digital connectivity specification for high-performance PCs and digital display. 

DMD full form

What is the full form of DMD?


  • Digital Micrometer Device

What does DMD mean?

The DMD is the micro-opto-electromechanical system that is the core of the trademarked DLP projection technology from the texas instruments. This document describes how one mirror or pixel, work. It also explains how rows, blocks, or frames of data can be loaded to an entire DMD array. This information specifically applies to DMD with ∓ 12-degree tilt angle states organized in the orthogonal micromirror array that is part of the advanced light control portfolio of DLP products.

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DLP projector full form

What is the full form of the DLP projector?


  • Digital Light Processing

What does the DLP projector mean?

DLP technology is a reflective projection method that uses merges a micro electrochemical system. its projection with the help of a digital micrometre device microchip. DLP is seen in standalone projection units, in rear-projection TVs, and in a majority of a digital cinema projection. DLP projector is suitable when the users are to display data with low-cost investment.

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DVI full form

What is the full form of DVI?


  • Digital Visual Interference

What does DVI mean?

DVI as a video interface standard designed to provide too much very high visual quality on digital display devices such as flat panel LCD computer displays as well as digital projectors display. This visual display interface was first developed by the digital display working group (DDWG). Hardware manufacture, display product, and application developer who rely on good visual production as well as the consumer market as a whole. we call this common style. In the latest digital display working group to replace the legacy analog technology VGA connector standard.

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Difference Between Impact and Non-impact Printers

The main key difference between the impact and non-impact printers is that impact printers involve the image produced with the help of an electromechanical impact device while in a non-impact printer, there is no mechanical impact device is used. So here this article gives information about the main key difference between impact and non-impact printer to better 

Definition of impact printer 

Impact printers are printer which works by creating direct contact between ink ribbon and paper. These printers are noisy yet popular. The impact printer has a mechanical moving part to conduct printing. 

Definition of non-impact printers

The non-impact printer does not use any direct contact between the ink ribbon and paper. They use laser, electrostatic, chemical, or inkjet technology. These printers are less noisy and don't have a mechanical part to conduct printing.

Difference between impact and non-impact printer

  • Impact printer is used old printing technologies, while in a non-impact printer uses the latest printing technologies.
  • Impact printers are often less expensive, while in a non-impact printer are often very expensive when compared to impact printers.
  • Impact printer uses continuous paper sheets, while in non-impact printers use individual paper sheets.
  • The character style of impact printer with exception of dot matrix, the character style cannot be changed in the impact printer, while in a non-impact printer can print different types of character form busing the individual printer.
  • The impact printer has a high level of noise. While in non-impact printers do not high level of noise.
  • Impact printer as with exception of dot matrix printer, impact printer cannot print graphics images, while in non-impact printing of graphical images in the non-impact printer is very much possible.
  • Printing process use only pin, hammer, or wheel to strike against an inked ribbon to print on a paper, while in non-impact printer use laser, a spray of special ink or heat and pressure to print on a paper.
  • Impact printer print quality of impact printer is lower than those of non-impact printer. While non-impact printer print quality of a non-impact printer is higher than those of impact printers.
  • The impact printer is a low-speed printer. They consume a lot of time to print a document, Non-impact printer is very fast. They can print pages per minute.
  • Impact printers are of a single color while in non-impact printers have a huge variety of color options.

CCFL full form

What is the full form of CCFL?


  • Cold Cathode Fluorescent Light 

What does CCFL mean?

CCFL uses two phenomena called electron discharge and fluorescence. CCFL is mainly used as light sources for backlights because they are smaller and have longer lifetimes than ordinary fluorescent lamps. A wide range of brightness and the color can be achieved by varying the type and applying the pressure of the material injected into the glass tube, as well as the thickness and the type of the phosphor used to coat the inner wall of the tube. Nowadays CCFL is mainly used light source for scanner and backlight LCD televisions, LCD monitors, and the light fixtures.

OLED full form

What is the full form of OLED?


  • Organic Light Emitting Diode

What does OLED mean?

OLED is a type of light-emitting diode, It is created by sandwiching semiconducting organic layers between two electrodes. In OLED, pixels emit their own light and thus do not require backlighting. The OLEDs are categorized into 2 groups first one that uses small size molecules and the second one that used polymers. The screen of TVs, PC monitors, mobile screens, and other electronic device screens are manufactured with the organic LED for digital display.

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LCD full form

What is the full form of LCD?


  • Liquid Crystal Display

What does LCD mean?

LCD is a flat panel display technology. It is mainly used in TVs and computer monitors, calculators, watches, a notebook, etc. Nowadays it is used for mobile phones also. These LCDs are completely different from the old CRT display, It uses liquid crystals instead of cathode ray in its primary form of operation. LCD has begun being replaced by new display technologies such as OLEDs.

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LED bulb full form

What is the full form of an LED bulb?


  • Light Emitting Diode Bulb

What does LED mean?

LED light bulbs are a more environmentally and friendly alternative to incandescent bulbs. An LED light bulb is a solid-state lighting device that fits in standard screw-in connection but uses LEDs to produce light. LED bulbs are used as a semiconductor device that emits visible light when an electric current passes through it.

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