Advantages and disadvantages of half wave rectifier

A rectifier is a nothing but a simple diode which converts the alternating current into direct current. A half-wave rectifier is one type of rectifier which converts the positive half cycle of the input signal into a direct current called output signal, So we have to very easily understand this topic about this definition but what is the use and what is the advantages of half-wave rectifier was not understand, so if you want to learn some different you are the right place for reading so keep reading for a few minutes for the right information regarding half-wave rectifier. Let us have a deep insight into the pros and cons of a half-wave rectifier

Advantages of half-wave rectifier:

  • Half wave rectifier is a simple circuit.
  • It has a low cost.
  • We can easy to use it.
  • We can easily construct.
  • It has a low number of component, therefore it is cheap.

Disadvantages of half-wave rectifier:

  • The transformer utilization factor is low.
  • They produce a low output voltage.
  • DC saturation of transformer core resulting in magnetizing current and also some hysteresis losses and generation of harmonics.
  • The power output and therefore rectification efficiency are quite low. This is due to the fact that power is delivered only during the one-half cycle of the input alternating voltage.
  • Ripple factor is high and elaborate filtering is, therefore required to give steady dc output.
  • They only allow a half cycle through per sinewave, and the other half cycle is wasted. This leads to power loss.
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