19 May 2018

Advantages and disadvantages of metropolitan area network

The term MAN full form is a metropolitan area network. It is in between LAN and WAN technology and that cover the entire city. It is very similar to LAN technology. Here this article gives information about the advantages and disadvantages of MAN to know more details about it.

Advantages of MAN :
  • It provides higher security compare to WAN
  • It is wider than LAN
  • It helps in cost-effective sharing of common resources such as printer etc
  • It help people interface fast LANs together. This is due to easy implement of links
  • MAN require fewer resources compare to WAN. This saves the implementation cost
  • The dual bus used in MAN help the transmission of data in both direction simultaneously
  • It provides a good backbone for a large network and also provides greater access to WAN
  • A MAN is usually encompasses several block of city or an entire city
  • Increases the efficiency of handling data
  • Increases the speed of transfer data
  • Easy to implement link
  • Save the cost attach to establish a wide area network 
Disadvantages of MAN :
  • More cable require for a MAN connection from one place to another
  • The data rate is slow compared to LAN
  • It is difficult to make a system secure from hackers 
  • The large network difficult to manage
  • It is difficult to secure the network once its becomes large
  • Network installation require skilled technicians and network administrators. This increases overall installation and management costs
  • Cost is higher than LAN 
  • While we move our network to another city or area it doesn't work
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