18 May 2018

Advantages and disadvantages of local area network

The term LAN full form is a local area network. It is normally connected to the computer and other devices within one building, office, campus or group of nearby building, LAN has easy to connect and manage the entire network. Now let us check it out the information about the advantages and disadvantages of local area network (LAN) to know more detail about it.

Advantages of  LAN :
  • Hardware and software can be shared
  • Does not cost too much
  • Private ownership
  • All the user work can be stored in a central place hub
  • Separate component
  • It is easy to set up a security protocol to protect the LAN user  from hackers
  • Data can be shared because the database file stored in the server is available to the user around the network
  • It is easy to control and it is easy to manage the entire LAN
  • Component and system evolution is possible
  • Individual work station might survive network failure
  • LAN configuration is very easy and very simple, due to the availability of required protocol in the OS  itself
  • LAN user do not require own HD (hard disk) and CD - ROM drives
  • The error rate is very less
  • LAN improve productivity because information storage, retrieval, and other functions can be improved
  • It provides a cost-effective multi-user computer environment
  • It provides a high transmission rate to accommodate the need of both user and equipment
  • It allows file/ record locking
  • Very high speed
  • Increased security and data security on the internet
  • Data transfer rate is higher
  • Software and resources  can be centrally managed
Disadvantages of LAN :
  • It covers a small geographical area
  • A virus can be spread more easily
  • High degree of maintenance
  • a constant need for an upgrade
  • Printing can be too much slow, long print queues may develop
  • A data is shared there is a greater need for security-based
  • Level of maintenance continues to grow
  • It is difficult to set up LAN architecture
  • LAN is only as strong as its weakest link, there are many links
  • Network performance degrades as the number of users exceeds
  • A limited number of a system can only be connected 
  • In server-based LAN architecture, if server develops a fault, all the users are affected
  • Frustration if having a problem setting up
  • Upkeep when thing go wrong or the software gets updated
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