Advantages and disadvantages of full wave rectifier

As we know that a full-wave rectifier, which can convert an alternating voltage (AC) voltage into a pulsating direct current (DC) voltage using both half cycle of the applied AC voltage. When we have to use full-wave rectifier uses two diodes of which one conducts during a one-half cycle with other conducts during the other half cycle of the applied AC voltage.

If you want to learn some different you are the right place for reading so keep reading for a few minutes for the right information regarding full-wave rectifier. Let us have a deep insight into the pros and cons of a full-wave rectifier

Advantages of full-wave rectifier:

  • The ripple frequency is two times the input frequency.
  • Efficiency is higher.
  • The large DC power output.
  • Ripple factor is less.
  • The ripple voltage is low and the higher frequency in case full-wave rectifier so simple filtering circuit is required.
  • Higher output voltage.
  • Higher transformer utilization factor.
  • Utilizes both halves of the AC waveform.
  • Easier to provide smoothing as a result of using the ripple frequency.

Disadvantages of full-wave rectifier:

  • More complected than half-wave rectifier.
  • It requires more diodes, two for center tap rectifier and four for bridge rectifier.
  • PIV rating of the diode is higher.
  • Higher PIV diodes are larger in size and too much costlier.
  • The cost of the center tap transformer is high.
  • The twice frequency hum on an audio circuit maybe it is more audible.
  • This rectifier is difficult to locate the center tap on the secondary winding.
  • The DC output is small as using each of diode utilized only one-half of the transformer secondary voltages.
  • When a small voltage is required to be rectified, the full-wave rectifier circuit is not suitable.
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