CRT advantages and disadvantages

CRT full form stands for cathode ray tube also known as the picture tube. It is less bulky, as well as used in various applications. This article gives the advantages and disadvantages of CRT to gives more information about CRT.

Advantages of CRT :
  • Less expensive than other display technology
  • Fast response time
  • It can operate at any resolution, geometry and also for aspect ratio without the need for rescaling the image
  • Highest pixel resolutions generally available
  • They produce more colors
  • CRT also suitable for use even in dim or dark light
  • Produce a very dark black and grayscale and are the reference standard for all professional calibrations
  • Easily increases the monitor's brightness by reflecting the light
  • Fast response times and no motion artifacts
Disadvantages of CRT :
  • Big back and take up space on a desk
  • Not suitable for very brightly environment because less bright than LCD
  • They are large, heavy and bulky
  • Consume a lot of electricity and  also produce a lot of heat
  • Geometrical error at edges
  • Flickering at 50-80 Hz
  • Harmful DC and AC electric and magnetic fields
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