Plasma Display advantages and disadvantages

A plasma display is a computer video display in which each pixel on the screen is illuminated by a tiny bit of plasma or charged gas, somewhat like a tiny neon light. So now we can check the information about the advantages and disadvantages of plasma display to know more details about the plasma display.

Advantages of plasma display :

  • Can be wall mounted
  • Less bulky than rear projection television
  • Virtually less motion blur, so better motion tracking like high refresh rates and faster response time
  • Far wider viewing angle 
  • More pixels per inch 
  • Superior contrast ratio so that capable of producing deeper blacks. 
  • Superior uniformity
  • Excellent brightness 
  • High resolution 
  • Better colour accuracy and saturation
  • Simple profile
  • Large screen size can be manufactured commercially

Disadvantages of plasma display :

  • Commonly do not come in smaller sizes than 40 inches
  • Heavier in weight with respect to screen size
  • A picture is not so clear under bright conditions
  • Glass screen damage can be permanent and far more difficult to repair
  • Poor reproduction of black
  • Radiation is emitted for the screen
  • The image brightness range is narrower
  • Less recommended for playing video games and used on a computer monitor
  • Use more electricity so energy consumption is more 
  • The cost is much higher compared to other display
  • Require more power so energy consumption is more thus more heat produced
  • Some plasma display suffers from noticeable flickers with various hues, intensities, and patterns. 
  • Suffer from screen burn-in and image retention which makes PDPs unsuitable for displaying static images.
  • Suffer from luminosity degradation that results in a gradual decline in their absolute brightness level
  • Plasma display doesn't work well at high altitudes, particularly at elevations above 6500 feet or 2000 meters in which they start to display buzzing noise
  • Produce glare due to reflection 

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