Difference between MAN and WAN

MAN and WAN both are a network device. This network design is some of the similarities and dissimilarities between them. One of the major difference between that network is that geographical area. So here this article gives information about the difference between MAN and WAN to know more details about it.

Full form : 
  • MAN stands for metropolitan area network.
  • WAN stands for wide area network.
Definition :
  • MAN is a large network which connects different organization.
  • WAN is a network that covers a board area using private or public network transport.
Covers :
  • MAN cover relatively too much large region such as cities and towns.
  • WAN covers a large geographical area.
Example :
  • The network uses in a small town, a city is an example of  MAN.
  • The internet, a country/continent is a good example of a WAN.
The technology used for the medium :
  • In MAN, logically installed and it based on common carrier, e.g. like a fiber optic cable, twisted pair.
  • In WAN, logically installed and it based on common carrier, e.g. like a fiber optic cable, twisted pair, coaxial cable, and cellular-based network.
Bandwidth :
  • Moderate bandwidth in MAN.
  • high bandwidth in WAN.
Speed :
  • MAN speed up-to 100 Mbps.
  • WAN speed up-to 10-20 Mbps.
Data transfer rate :
  • MAN offer moderate transfer rate.
  • WAN offer low data transfer rate.
Data transmission error  :
  • In MAN fewer data transmission error.
  • In WAN more data transmission error than LAN.
Ownership of the network :
  • Both have public or private.
Congestion :
  • Both have more congestion.
Component :
  • In MAN devices like modem, routers.
  • In WAN uses layer 3 like a router, multi-layer switches, technology-specific devices like ATM or frame relay switch.
Fault tolerance :
  • Both have less tolerant.
Geographical spread :
  • MAN cover moderate range.
  • WAN covers a large geographical range.
Propagation delay :
  • MAN has moderate propagation delay.
  • WAN has a long propagation delay.
Set up cost :
  • MAN has less costly.
  • For WANs since networks in a remote area have to be connected the setup cost is higher. 
Maintenance cost :
  • MAN is easier to maintain at relatively medium cost compare to WAN.
  • WAN has wider geographical coverage a higher maintenance cost.
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