Basic electronics related full forms

AM - Amplitude modulation

FM - Frequency modulation

PM - Phase modulation

HWR - Half wave rectifier

FWR - Full wave rectifier

LED -  Light-emitting diode

CRO - Cathode ray oscilloscope

BJT - Bipolar junction transistor

JFET - Junction field-effect transistor

MOSFET - Metal oxide semiconductor field-effect transistor

CB - Common base

CE - Common emitter

CC - Common collector

AF - Audio frequency

RF - Radio-frequency 

CTR - Cathode ray tube

DSP - Digital signal processor 

FET - Field-effect transistor

IC - Integrated circuit

JFET - Junction gate field effect transistor

LCD - Liquid crystal display

LDR - Light-dependent resistor

LED - Light emitting diode

D - Diode

L - Inductor

Q - Transistor

R -  Resistor

RLA - Relay

SW - Switch

T- Transformer

TH - Thermistor

Tr - Transistor

IC - Integrated circuit

VC - Variable capacitor

VR - Variable resistor


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