Wireless Communication

Is the transfer of information or power between two or more points that are not connected by an electrical conductor

Introduction :
1. Channel access method

What is a channel access method?

The ability of the system to carry many signals at the same time is called channel access. 

Types of channel access :
There are three main types of channel access FDMA TDMA and CDMA. Read more 

2. Wireless systems :   

What is GSM?

Global system for mobile is a world first cellular system to specify digital modulation. It is a second generation system (2G) developed in Europe. 

What is GPRS?
The GPRS provides efficient packet mode of data transfer. It provides a cost-effective packet service supporting internet application. Read more 

3. The cellular concept :  

What is the cellular system?
In a cellular system, replaced the single high power transmitter with any number of low power transmitters (Base station) each signal providing coverage to only a fraction of service area (Cell).  

Basic cellular system :
A basic cellular system can be comprised of three units: 1. A mobile unit, 2.Cell site, 3.Mobile telephone switching office. Read more