Full form of GiFi

What is the full form of GiFi

  • Gigabit Fidelity

What does a GiFi mean?

In today the world is changing drastically. One of the biggest improvements made in wireless technology was inventing a new wireless technology called GiFi.

GiFi is a wireless transmission technology. This technology was ten times faster than other wireless technology. It is manufacturing using CMOS technology. The best part of GiFi technology is its power consumption. GiFi data transfer rate around the speed of 5 Gbps. The evolution of GiFi came into existence due to the need for higher data transfer rates and low power consumption.

Features of GiFi

GiFi stands for Gigabit wireless fidelity. This technology is a wireless technology, which is ten times faster than the other wireless technology. This technology chip delivers short rage multi-gigabit data transfer in an indoor environment. Now today's world fastest transmission transceiver integrated on a single chip that operates up to 60 GHz frequency band. GiFi has data transfer speed up to around too much high, 5 Gbps. Here this post gives some basic key features of GiFi technology to better understand this topic.

Some key features of  GiFi are listed below:

  • High speed of data transfer
  • Small size
  • GiFi technology is simple.
  • Quick deployment
  • Highly portable
  • High mobility
  • Provide a better coverage area
  • Low power consumption
  • High security
  • Cost-effective
  • Eliminating the cable
  • Low-cost chip
  • Better transfer rate
this technology eliminates the need for
cables to connect electronics devices, and connects all the
devices wirelessly in order to transmit the data
this technology eliminates the need for
cables to connect electronics devices, and connects all the
devices wirelessly in order to transmit the data
this technology eliminates the need for
cables to connect electronics devices, and connects all the
devices wirelessly in order to transmit the d

Application of GiFi

GiFi has given and it's conspicuous that more research should be done in the field of this new wireless technology and its applications.

Here some applications of GiFi are listed below:

  • It can connect your household things.
  • You can easily connect your smartphone to your HD television, PC, laptop, printers, etc
  • Efficient transfer of data from digital camcorders.
  • As the transfer data at high speed that made work very easy.
  • We can transfer the speed of Gbps.
  • The intelligent community uses it for high-security communications.
  • Easy and immediate construction of temporal broadcast networks such as in sports stadiums for the advertisement of information can be possible.
  • This technology can be effectively used in the inter-vehicle communication system. Adhoc information distribution with a point to point network extension.
  • The data exchange between vehicles is made possible by ad-hoc networks, MAC wireless PAN and many other applications.

Limitations of fuse

There are some limitations of fuse are listed below:
  • The heat produced by the arc may affect some of the associated switches.
  • Action is by melting of fuse so this could be rather slow in some situations.
  • During short circuit or sone overload in the circuit once fuse blows off replacing of fuse takes time. During this period the circuit lost power.
  • Need replacement when blows off by overcurrent.
  • It has a low speed.
  • You have to keep a replacement handy in case fuse is blows.
  • Fuse can't bear a surge current in the case of motor starting.
  • Fuse is not suitable for overloading.
  • Fuse has a low breaking capacity.
  • Fuse is not protected to the circuit against under-voltage.
  • It can be replaced by an oversized fuse by a novice to ensure it does not blow next time. This can damage the equipment it is supposed to protect.
  • The current-time characteristics of a fuse cannot always be correlated with that of some protected device.
  • When the fuse is connected in series it is difficult to discriminate the fuse has a significant size difference.
  • The protection of fuse is not reliable.
  • On the heavy some short circuit in the system, the discrimination between the fuses in series cannot be obtained unless there are considerable differences in the relative sizes of the fuses will be concerned.
  • Considerable time is lost in rewiring or replacing a fuse after the operation.

Difference between MCB and fuse

What is a fuse?

The most common overcurrent device is a fuse. A fuse is merely a small length of wire. Fuse is always placed on the phase wire.

What is MCB?

MCB called Miniature circuit breaker,  MCB is designed to operate on overload current and they can be used as protection devices for the individual circuit. MCB can also provide magnetic fault protection and short circuit protection.

MCB can be changed over the switch needs to be pushed backed to the On position. While in the case of the fuse, the whole wire will have to be replaced first and there are also have some disadvantages of a fuse like it has low breaking capacity, and it has slow compared to other circuit breakers. So here this post gives information about several advantages of MCB over fuse or we can say that why we have to use MCB better than a fuse.

The main key difference between MCB and Fuse are given below:

  • As we know that relay is a switch, it is not usually meant to open under fault conditions and would likely fail if done so while in the fuse is a fault protection device. If a short circuit is developed, a large current will flow, and the fuse link will melt, causing the circuit to open.
  • All the relay is considered to be a fuse, but all the fuse are not considered as a relay.
  • A relay can be reset and put back into service after an overload but in the fuse needs to be replaced after every fault.
  • Fuse is mainly used for protection to our equipment so that when the high current passed through fuse more than its limit it will melt and protect our appliances but while in case of the relay it is used to accurate the high power appliance from the low power triggers. We can make fuse out of relay using a circuit but can do it in the fuses. 
  • A fuse protects from the overload and relay is a control device that uses a small amount of electrical current to control a larger amount or current.
  • Relay work with DC supply but in the fuse did not need DC supply.
  • A fuse is used for breaking the circuit while the relay is used for sensing purposes.
  • MCB is sensitive to vibration and movement, which can cause the switch to trip for reasons unrelated to an electricity overload, but in the fuse does not influence by vibration nor movement was secured in the fuse housing and was not rely on the switching mechanism as MCB.
  • MCB is costlier than the fuse unit system.
  • MCB, quick restoration is possible by just switching operation, resettable but infuse quick restoration of supply can not be possible because fuse must be replaced once blown.
  • Handling MCB is more electrically safe than a fuse.

Explore more information:

Fuse applications

Electrical fuses are one of the main components in almost all electrical and electronics circuits, and applications. Some of the few commonly known application of fuses are mention below.

Fuse is used in many industrials electrical as well as some electronics applications.

  • Hard disk drives
  • Laptops
  • Cameras
  • DVD writers
  • DVD players
  • Home electrical wiring
  • LCD monitors
  • Power transformer, capacitors, 
  • Power adapter
  • Motor starter
  • All electrical appliances(Air conditioners, TV, Music system)
  • Automotive systems
  • Distribution board
  • Portable electronics
  • Printer/scanners
  • Cell phones
  • All automobile(Car, bike, trucks, buses, motor, etc)
  • Battery packs
  • Gaming systems and portable electronics

LiFi applications

LiFi stands for Light Fidelity, LiFi uses the applications are varied as a result of its key features such as directional lighting, energy efficiency, intrinsic security, high data rate capability, integrated networking capability and also many more advantages of LiFi. Here this pose gives an introduction about how the LiFi technology applications used in a different area.  

The different type of main application of LiFi are listed below:

EMI sensitive environments

Li-Fi enabled lighting will allow high data rate connectivity for each and every passenger. This process will allow connectivity at all times without creating electromagnetic interference with sensitive radio equipment on the flight deck. 

Underwater communication

Radio waves are quickly absorbed in water, preventing underwater radio communication, but light can penetrate for large distances. Therefore LiFi can enable communication from driver to driver, driver to mini-sub, driver to drilling, etc.

Traffic light

LiFi can be used to provide drivers with traffic and also to be weather updates as they wait at the traffic for light. This also eliminates the problem of getting critical traffic updates to drivers who are already on the road.

The Military

Unlike WiFi, LiFi is confined to a small range. As light does not penetrate walls, data transmitted over LiFi can be limited to a small area such as a tent. This makes LiFi great for use by the military even in remote locations as the data can't be intercepted by the outside hackers. 

Augmented reality

This system will exhibit in museums and galleries that are illuminated with specific lighting. LiFi enabled lighting can provide localized information within the light. This means that visitors' cameras or mobile phones can be used to download further information regarding the object being viewed from the light that illuminates the exhibit.

Safety environments

In the explosion hazard environment, the use of electrical equipment, including mobile phones, is generally greatly restricted. The use of LiFi, will to the pass data simplify the configuration of data networks in such an environment and it can enable new systems to enhance security in these real environments.

Localized advertising

By using shop display lighting as a LiFi broadcast channel used and, it is possible to transmit the advertising information on the goods being viewed, as well as say special offers and coupons. This will allow the merging of the high street and online shopping experience, and provide a novel retail business model to emerge. 

Sensitive data

Hospitals are specific cases of an environment where both EMI sensitivity and security of data are issues. LiFi can enable the better deployment of secure networked on medical instruments, and patient records.

Indoor navigation

Be identifying each light it is possible to provide a smart means of navigating through the urban environment. The identification of each code would of each code be linked to a specific location.


Our homes already have lighting widely installed. So the uses of the LiFi system enabled lighting will transform the various applications that can be envisaged, that not only the interconnection of devices, such as televisions computers and HiFi but also connecting ordinary domestic appliances, such as fridges, washing machines, vacuums.