24 November 2017

Application of Wireless Communication

Applications of wireless communication involve security system, television remote control, Wi-Fi, cell phones, Wireless power transfer, computer interface devices, and various wireless communication-based projects.   

Applications of Wireless Communication : 

  • Modern televisions use wireless remote control. Nowadays radio waves are also be used. 
  • For homes and offices, hard-wired implementation security systems are replaced by wireless communication technology. 
  • To make phone calls from any place on earth to any place with the use of CDMA, GSM, and 3G. 
  • Wireless power transfer 
  • Used in computer interface devices such as Bluetooth, Wireless Keyboard, Wireless Mouse.  
  • Arduino based Home Automation
  • Intelligent transport system  
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Used in IoT, Radar communication, Fiber optics. 
  • Space and military application.