11 November 2017

Full form of HLR

What is the full form of HLR?

Answer :

  • Home Location Register

What does HLR mean?

The HLR is a database from a mobile network in which information from all mobile subscribers is stored to use a global system for mobile communication ( GSM ) network. 

The stored information is : 
The telephone number of Subscribers
The associated services like Caller Tone, Missed Call Alert
The subscriber ID like IMSI MSISDN 
The current location of the subscriber 
Subscriber status ( Registered or Deregistered ) 

The subscriber data may be accessed either by the IMSI or the MSISDN number.  

The database is two types : 
Dynamic database
Permanent database 

HLR is an integral component of CDMA, TDMA, and GSM networks. There are also some other cellular components actively working with the HLR include the Gateway Mobile Switching Center ( G-MSC ), Authentication Center ( AUC ), and Vision Location Register ( VLR ).  

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