Full form of MOSFET

What is the full form of MOSFET?

Answer :

  • Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor

What does MOSFET mean?

MOSFET is a recent device developed by combining the area of field-effect concept and MOS technology is used for switching and amplifying electronic signals in electronic devices.

It is a three-terminal device with drain(D), source(S), gate(G). 

MOSFET are two types -
  1. n-channel enhancement MOSFET 
  2. p-channel enhancement MOSFET. 
It is designed to handle significant power levels and is most commonly used in the field of power electronics and also used in both analog and digital circuits.

Transistor required current whereas MOSFET required voltage. MOSFET is much better and simpler than to a BJT. 

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