16 December 2017

Features of FDMA

FDMA is a frequency band is one types of channel access method and can be divided small frequency channel are allocated to different users. The frequency band is divided into channels of equal bandwidth so that each conversation is carried on a different frequency. Now you can check it out some features of FDMA one by one listed below. 

Features of  FDMA

  • The complexity of FDMA systems is less.
  • Every user shares the satellite transponder or frequency channel simultaneously.
  • Demands a highly efficient filter. Require tight filtering to minimize interface. 
  • Continuous transmission method so few bits are required for the overhead purpose.
  • The FDMA channel uses one phone circuit at any instant of time.
  • If the voice channel is assigned in FDMA, then the mobile unit and the base station transmitting simultaneously.
  • The symbol time is large in comparison to the delay spread. 
  • The FDMA system has narrow bandwidth about to 30 kHz as each channel supports only one circuit per carrier.
  • The FDMA mobile unit user duplex as both the transmitter and receiver operate simultaneously.
  • FDMA needs tight RF filtering to minimize the adjacent channel interference.
  • Every user receives an individual frequency because all users transmit and receive at different frequencies.
  • Best suited for analog links. 
  • Usually combined with FDD for duplexing.