17 January 2018

Advantages and disadvantages of power electronic converters

Power electronics system is a subject that mainly focuses on the application of electronic principles into the situation that is rated at power level rather than signal level and also deal with the apparatus and equipment working on the principle of electronics. So now let us talk about the advantages and disadvantages of power electronics converters to know more details about power electronics.

Advantages of power electronic converter :

  • Long life
  • Small size 
  • High efficiency because of loss is low in power semiconductor devices
  • High reliability of power-electronic converter system
  • Can handle large output current
  • Less maintenance due to the absence of any moving part
  • Fast dynamic response of the power electronic system as compared to the electro-mechanical converter systems
  • Fewer weight results in less floor space and therefore lower installation cost
  • Low thermal dissipation
  • Mass production of power semiconductor devices have resulted in a lower cost of the converter equipment
  • Reduce the fluctuation in power fed to grid
  • Reduce acoustical noise from the wide turbine
  • High-quality power to the grid
  • Flexibility in operation

Disadvantages of power electronic converter :

  • Complected design
  • Regeneration of power is difficult in power electronic systems
  • AC to DC and AC converter operate at a low input power factor under certain operating conditions. In order to avoid a law pf, some special measures have to be adopted
  • Power electronic controllers have low overload capacity. As such, Increase the cost of power electronic controller
  • Power electronic converter circuits have a tendency to generate harmonics in the supply system as well as in the load circuit