25 February 2018

Advantages and disadvantages of EDFA

The most popular material for long-haul telecommunication application widely used in silica doped with erbium, which is known as an erbium-doped fiber amplifier. So we will check the advantages and disadvantages of EDFA to know more about EDFA. 

Advantages of EDFA :

  • Gain is an excess of  up to 40 to 50 dB
  • Low noise 3-5 dB, it is suitable for long-haul application
  • High pump power utilization
  • Good gain stability
  • The high energy conversion efficiency
  • High gain with little crosstalk
  • This amplifier is fully compatible with the rest of the fiber optic transmission link
  • Flatness can be improved gain flattening optical filter
  • Amplify wide wavelength band in the range of  around 1530 nm  to 1560 nm region, with a relatively flat
Disadvantages of EDFA :
  • Size of EDFA is large
  • Fixed gain range
  • Gain up flatness
  • Optical surge problem
  • High pump power consumption
  • It cannot be integrated with other semiconductor devices
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