9 February 2018

Application of GTO

GTO is like a conventional thyristor ( CT ) but with added features in it. It can easily be turned off by a negative gate pulse of appropriate amplitude. Nowadays GTO device is now being used in

Application of GTO:

  • The high-performance drive system, such as the field-oriented control scheme used in rolling mills, robotics, and machine tools.
  • Traction purpose because of their lightweight.
  • GTO used in Induction heater.
  • Adjustable frequency inverter drive.
  • At present, GTOs with rating up 5000 V and 3000 A is available.
  • It is used in AC stabilizing power supplies.TO is used in static VAR compensators (SVCs).
  • GTO voltage source inverter in a two-terminal HVDC link, which is fed at the sending end by a line-commutated rectifier.
  • GTO is used in AC drives.
  • GTO is used in DC drives or DC choppers.
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