20 February 2018

Applications of Injection laser

A LASER full form is one type of device that emits light through a process of optical amplification based on the stimulated emission of electromagnetic radiation. 

An injection laser is also known as a laser diode or diode laser. It is a semiconductor device, Nowadays it can be used optical fiber, compact disk, remote control device etc

Application of injection laser: 

  • Laser diodes are performed where too much high radiance is required. This high radiance is generated due to the amplifying effects of stimulated emission. So it can supply optical power in milliwatts.
  • Where narrow linewidth of the order of 1 nm ( approximately 10 A°) or less is required narrow linewidth is useful in minimizing the effects of material dispersion.
  • Laser diodes are preferred where modulation is needed in the high gigahertz range.
  • Where temporal coherence is required.
  • Where good spatial coherence is required, it allows the output to be focused by a lens into a spot that has a  too much greater intensity than the dispersed unfocused beam.