Full form of VLR

What is the full form of VLR?

Answer :

  • Visitor Location Register

What does VLR mean?

A VLR is a database that contains information about the subscriber roaming within a mobile switching center (full form of MSC) location area. The primary role of the VLR is to minimize the number of queries that MSCs have to make to the home location register, which holds data regarding the cellular network subscriber.

VLR contains selected administrative information from Home Location register - ( full form of HLR ) essential for call control and provision of subscribed services. The VLR is a temporary database. 

It stores the IMSI full form number and customer information for each roaming customer visiting the coverage area of a specific MSC.

Ideally, there should be only one visitor location register per MSC, but it is also possible for single VLR to serve multiple MSCs.

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