20 February 2018

Need of fiber optic communication

  • Fiber optics deals with the learning of propagation of light through the transparent dielectric wave-guide.
  • Fiber optic system currently used extensively as the transmission line between terrestrial hardwired systems.
  • The fiber optics are used for transmission of data from point to point location, So its very accurate result in fiber optic system.
The fiber Optic Communication system has emerged most important fiber optic communication system. This article is very helpful for daily need of fiber optic communication compared to the traditional system because of following requirements :
  • In the long-haul transmission system, it is need of low loss transmission medium
  • It is need of compact and least weight transmitters and receivers
  • There is need for increased span or area of transmission
  • There is need for increased bit rate-distance product
A fiber optic communication system fulfills these requirements, hence most widely accepted. So most of the telephone company are currently using optical fiber communication for long distance communication and many more advantages of optical fiber communication.