What is optical amplifier

In advanced technology, an optical fiber amplifier is used in transmitting data in fiber optic communication systems. An amplifier is inserted at a specific place to boost optical signals in a system where the signal is a week. In a large network, a long series of the optical fiber amplifier is placed in a sequence along the entire network link. An optical amplifier is basically nothing but a laser without of feedback. It is a fiber optic device used to amplify optical signal directly without conversion into an electrical signal.  Optical amplification depends on the frequency of the incident signal and local beam intensity. It is a device that amplifies an optical signal without converting it into an electric signal. 

 Types of an optical amplifier called an EDFA and Raman amplifier.

An optical amplifier is characterized by these characteristics given below  : 
  • Gain - It is a ratio of output power to input power ( dB )
  • Gain bandwidth of a system - Range of wavelength over which the amplifier is effective  Gain saturation of a system - Maximum output power, beyond which no amplification is effective 
  • Gain efficiency of a system - Gain is a function of input power (dB/mW)
  •  A noise of a system- Undesired signal due to physical processing in amplifier