24 March 2018

Application of schottky diode

Schottky barrier diodes are mainly used in high power applications as a rectifier because of their high current density and low forward voltage drop characteristic less power is wasted and so they have widely used in some applications. Let us check the applications of Schottky diode one by one below.

Application Schottky diode :
  • Voltage clamping and clipping circuit.
  • Low power TTL logic.
  • As a switching device.
  • Rectify high-frequency signals.

Rf mixer and detector diode

This diode can be also used Rf mixer and a detector diode. This diode consists of its radio frequency function owing to its switching speed at the highest level of top frequency capability. 

Solar cell application

The solar cells are usually linked to the batteries that are rechargeable, and most batteries with lead-acid since power supply must necessary round the clock. This solar cell would not support the applied charge in reverse and thus a diode would be used in a proportional pattern of the solar cells.

The rectifier in power supply


  • Low voltage, high current application.

  • Used in logic circuits. 
  • Used in AC to DC converter.
  • Used in a radar system.

Power rectifier:

The Schottky barrier diodes also have functions with high power as rectifiers. The high density of current and voltage drop with low forward shows that the wastage of power is the least then the normal PN junction diodes

Applications of Schottky Diode

Schottky diodes have been useful for the industry of electronics that has spotted many applications in diode rectifier because of its unique properties. Here are some of the major areas where it is widely used.


Power OR circuits:

This diode would be useful for functions where two different power supplies drive a load like in battery supply. It is important that the power coming from supply should not mix with the others.

Solar Cell Applications:

  • Schottky diodes are used as general-purpose rectifiers.
  • Schottky diodes are used in radio frequency (RF) applications.
  • Schottky diodes are widely used in power supplies.
  • Schottky diodes are used to detect signals.
  • Schottky diodes are used in logic circuits.