Application of WiMAX

Wi-Fi and WiMAX offer complementary solutions with Wi-Fi being suitable for short range and WiMAX being suitable for long-range outdoor connection.
  • It is a wireless alternative to many existing wired and late miles coverage deployments such as cable modem, digital subscriber line, T and E-carrier system and optical carrier technologies.
  • The most important application offered by WiMAX technology is business, Multiplayer interactive gaming, backhaul, consumer connectivity, large area coverage access
  • It can offer broadband wireless access at data rates of multiple in Mbit/second to the end user and within a range of several kilometers. 
  • And also the same radio technology will also offer high-speed data services to all nomadic terminal like laptops. PDAs, etc
  • IEEE 802.16 - Fixed users
  • IEEE 802.16e - portable user
  • back-haul - Point to point antenna are used to connect base station located across a long distance
  • Last mile - Residential and business subscriber are connected to the base station using point to multi-point antennas
  • Large area coverage access - also offer broadband connectivity in larger areas

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