Basic cellular system

Before we learn about the cellular system first let we check it out what is the cellular system. In a cellular system, replaced the single high power transmitter with many numbers of low power transmitters (Base station) each signal providing coverage to only a fraction of service area (Cell). Each base station is allocated a portion of the total number of channels and nearby BS full form (base station) are assigned different group of channels. Basically hexagonal is close approximation the circular radiation pattern in an omnidirectional base station antenna.

A basic cellular system can be comprised of three units :
  1. Mobile unit
  2. Cell site
  3. A mobile telephone switching office
  • Mobile unit :
It comprises a control unit, a transceiver, and an antenna system.
  • Cell site :
It is an interface between the mobile unit and the full form of MTSO. It comprises a control unit, antennas, power plant, and data terminals.
  • Mobile telephone switching office :
It is the central co-coordinating unit for all cell sites. It comprises of the cellular processor and the cellular switch.

One of the most important points is that the MTSO is responsible for controlling the call processing operation and handling the billing activities of the subscriber.

In general cellular, the switch can be analog or digital form. It can connect the mobile subscriber to the other mobile subscriber to the nationwide telephone network.
Cellular system