Difference between co-channel interference and adjacent channel interference

The performance of the cellular system is highly affected by interference. Interference is the main problem in increasing capacity. basically, there are two types of interference in the cellular system called : (i) Co-channel interference (ii) adjacent channel interference. 

Let us now talk about the difference between co-channel interference and adjacent channel interference to know more details about Interference.

Co-channel interference :
  • The interference between the signal from co-channel cells is called co-channel interference.
  • Co-channel interference mainly occurs on the same channel.
  • Co-channel cells are physically separated by a minimum distance to reduce co-channel interface and also have to provide sufficient isolation.
  • A large co-channel reuse ratio improves the transmission quality because of the smaller level of co-channel interference. 
Adjacent channel interference :
  • The interference that results from the signal that is adjacent in frequency to the required signal called adjacent channel interference.
  • Adjacent channel interference occurs from a different channel.
  • By proper filter and channel assignment strategy, the adjacent channel interference can be minimized.
  • Another cause for adjacent channel interference is frequency reuse and when the frequency reuse is high there are more chances for interference because of operation.