30 March 2018

Features of OFDM

  • A symbol is modulated on to orthogonal sub-carrier.
  • Modulation is done by using IFFT.
  • High spectral efficiency.
  • Demodulation is done by using FFT. ( Demodulation of received signal ) 
  • Low efficiency to time synchronization techniques.
  • Better resultant quality of fading.
  • Very sensitive to time-frequency synchronization.
  • Simplified channel equalization.
  • Immunity to intersymbol interference. 
  • No inter-carrier guard band.
  • Orthogonal carrier and control overlapping band.
  • Improved quality of narrowband interference.
  • Robust against intersymbol interference.
  • Fading caused by multi-path propagation.
  • Decoding and de-interleaving. 
  • Orthogonality is maintained during channel transmission.