11 March 2018

Features of WDM

The technology of WDM full meaning is wavelength division multiplexing. This technology widely used in optical transport networks so many application of WDM in the communication system. The technical requirement is only that the laser is of very specific and that the DWDM full form is capable of distinguishing each wavelength without cross-talk. This article gives some features of WDM to give more information about WDM.
  • Capacity upgrades - Since each wavelength support independent data rate in up to Gbps range.
  • Transparency - WDM can carry fast asynchronous, slow synchronous, synchronous analog and also provide digital data.
  • Wavelength routing - Link capacity and flexibility can be increased by using multiple wavelengths.
  • Wavelength switching - WDM can add and drop multiplexers, cross-connect and wavelength converters.