Umbrella cell approach in mobile communication

The cell with low traffic are called as micro-cells and large high speed traffic called as macro-cells.

A hexagonal cell is one of the closest approximation of a circle. It is being typically used for the system.

The smaller cell are grouped and assumed to be under a large cell. This method called as a umbrella cell concept.

Umbrella cell concept is used to provide large area to high speed users while small area coverage to users that travels at low speeds.

Some advantages of using umbrella cell concept in cellular technology 
  • Umbrella cell provide large coverage area to high speed users.
  • Minimize the number of handoff for high speed users.
  • Speed estimation can be perform by slop of short term average calculation of receive power.
  • If a high speed user in large umbrella cell is near the base station and if its velocity is decreasing then the BS stands for  (base station) can decide whether to hand the user into the co-located micro-cell without the intervention of the mobile switching centre (MSC stands for).
  • Provide additional micro-cell channel for pedestrian user.
Umbrella cell concept