WiMAX features

A wireless broadband solution that offers various features with a lot of flexibility in terms of potential service offering is WiMAX technology.
  • WiMAX support multipath.
  • IT provide up to 50 km of service area range.
  • WiMAX uses OFDM technology.
  • WiMAX support TDD and FDD.
  • WiMAX offer modulation and error correction.
  • Adaptive modulation enables while using WiMAX system to optimize the throughput based on the propagation conditions.
  • Very scalable bandwidth and high-speed data rate.
  • Flexible and dynamic per-user resource allocation.
  • Support for advanced antenna techniques.
  • Support for mobility.
  • Portable internet usage.
  • Quality of service support.
  • It is IP based architecture.
  • WiMAX is always best connected.

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