6 April 2018

Advantages of CDMA 2000

CDMA 2000 has unique features, benefits, and performance so it provides better advantages like high-voice capacity and high-speed packet data. Now we can check some more advantages one by one below.
  • Industry-leading performance.
  • Device selection.
  • Flexible migration path.
  • Flexible network architecture.
  • New common channel structure and operation.
  • Ubiquitous idle time operation.
  • Global roaming and multi-mode, multiband devices.
  • Flexible spectral allocation and efficient use of spectrum.
  • New MAC states for efficient.
  • Support for advanced mobile service.
  • Seamless Evolution path.
  • Quick paging channel operation.
  • Reverse link gated transmission.
  • Superior voice quality.
  • High-speed broadband data connectivity. 
  • Improve securities and privacy.
  • Multi-mode, multiband global roaming features.