Single phase dual converter drive

  • A single phase dual converter drive, obtained by connecting two full converters in anti parallel, as shown in figure. The feeding is a separately excited dc motor.
  • It uses is limited to about 15 kW dc drive.
  • It offers four quadrant operation.
  • For working in first and fourth quadrant, converter 1 is in operation.
  • For operation in second and third quadrant, converter 2 is energized.
  • For the four quadrant operation demands that field winding of the motor is emerged from the single phase or three phase full converter.
For the armature converter 1 in operation,   V=  2Vm/∏ * Cos ɖ1   for 0< ɖ1 <  ∏
For the armature converter 2 in operation,   V=  2Vm/∏ * Cos ɖ2   for 0< ɖ2 <  ∏

Where  ɖ1 +  ɖ2 = 

For field converter V=  2Vm/∏ * Cos ɖ3   for 0< ɖ3 <  ∏
Single phase dual converter

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