15 April 2018

Three phase dual converter drive

  • The schematic diagram of three phases dual converter d drive as shown in the figure.
  • As per the circuit diagram converter, 1 allows motor control 1 and 4 quadrants whereas with converter 2 the operation in 2 and 3 quadrants obtained
  • For reversing the polarity of motor generated emf for regeneration purpose, field circuit must be energized from a single phase or three phases full converter.
Three phases dual converter dc drive
When converter 1 or 2 is in operation

Average output voltage,

V=  Vt is =  3Vm l/ 2∏  * Cos  ɖ1  for 0<  ɖ1 <  ∏

With a 3 phase full converter in the filed circuit,

V=  3Vml/2∏ * Cos  ɖf  for 0<  ɖf <  ∏

In case of circulating types of dual converter, ɖ1  + ɖ2 =180 degree

Application :

  • Direction and speed control dc motors.
  • Applicable wherever the reversible dc is required.
  • Industrial variable speed dc drive.