29 May 2018

Application of electric drives

In many of the industrial application, an electric motor is one of the most important components. An electric motor is a most important part, it is an energy transmitting device and the working machine. Here this article gives the application of electric drives to know more details about it. 
  • A ceiling fan motor with regulator.
  • A motor and also have conveyor belt with material on its belt.
  • Food mixer without food is processed.
  • It is also used a large number of industrial as well as domestic application.
  • It is also used rolling mills, textile mills as well as some machine tools.
  • Some other application like pumps, robots, washing etc.
  • It can also use various traction like an electric train, electric buses, trams, trolleys, battery driven solar power vehicles.
  • Electric propulsion.
  • Cement kilns.
  • Elevators, escalators, and lift.
  • Automotive applications.
  • Spindles and servos.
  • Plant automation.