How FDMA work

FDMA is a channel access method can be implemented at the MAC full form is a media access control layer of the data link layer in the OSI full form open systems interconnection reference model for networking protocol stacks. 

First, let we check it out the full meaning of FDMA. It is a frequency band, it is one types of channel access method and it can be divided small frequency channel and also have different channel are allocated to different users. The user can be assigned a specific frequency band in the electromagnetic spectrum and at that time a call that user is the only who has the right to access the specific band. 

In the AMPS cellular phone system, the frequency band is allocated from the electromagnetic spectrum as follows :

Two different frequency bands are used to allow full duplex communication between the base and mobile stations. 

Transmission by mobile station used AMPS cellular phone: 824 MHz to 849 MHz
Transmission by base station used AMPS cellular phone: 869 MHz to 894 MHz

Both of these band are then divided into discrete channels that are 30 KHz wide in bandwidth.

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