11 July 2018

Advantages and disadvantages of FIR filters

FIR short terms is finite impulse response. FIR filter are called as non-recursive filters because they do not use the feedback.This article gives the information about advantages and disadvantages of  FIR filters to know more details about it. 

Advantages of  FIR filters :
  • FIR filter are always stable
  • It is simple
  • FIR filter is having linear phase response
  • It is easy to optimize
  • Noncausal
  • Round of noise error is minimum
  • Both recursive, as well as nonrecursive filter, can be designed using FIR designing techniques
  • For designing a filter having any arbitrary magnitude response; FIR designing techniques can be easily applied
  • Good performance
  • Robust
  • The necessity of computational techniques for filter implementation
  • The requirement of large storage
  • The incapability of linear phase response
Disadvantages of FIR filters :
  • Large storage requirements
  • Can not simulate prototype analog filter
  • For the implementation of FIR filter complex computational techniques are required
  • It is hard to implementation than IIR
  • Expensive due to large order
  • Require more memory
  • Time-consuming process