Digital filter applications

In digital filtering, The function of a filter is removing the unwanted part of the signal, such as random noise or extract useful part of the signal such as a component lying within a certain frequency range. This article gives information about the application of a digital filter to know more advance application in Filtering in details.

1. Simulation/modeling 
  • Simulating communication channels
  • Modeling the human auditory system
2. Bandwidth limiting
  • Anti-aliasing filters for sampling
  • Ensuring that a transmitted signal occupies only its allotted frequency band
3. Noise suppression
  • Imaging devices
  • Bio-signals like heart, the brain response
4.  Image processing
  • Image processing application
  • Enhancement of selected frequency ranges
5. Signal processing
  • Speech synthesis
  • Geophysical signal
  • Processing of seismic
  • Equalizers for audio signals
  • The audio system such as CD/DVD players
  • Removing the DC component of a signal
6. Special operation
  • Differentiation
  • Integration
  • Hibert transform