9 July 2018

LTI full form

What is the full form of LTI?
  • Linear Time-Invariant 
LTI theory comes from applied mathematics and has some direct application like in signal processing, control theory, NMR spectroscopy seismology, and some other technical areas. It is a system that obeys the linear property and time-invariant property.

Example :

y (n) = x (n) - x (n-1)

y(n,k) = x (n-k) -x (n-k-1).............(1)

Replace n by n-k throughout the given equation above :

y (n-k) = x (n-k) - x(n-k-1)............(2)

Compare equations (1) and (2)

Here y (n,k) = y (n-k).

Thus the system is time-invariant.

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