LTI full form

What is full form of LTI ?
  • Linear Time Invariant 
LTI theory comes from  applied mathematics and has some direct application like in  signal processing, control theory, NMR spectroscopy seismology and some other technical areas. It is system which obeys the linear property and time invariant property.

Example :

y (n) = x (n) - x (n-1)

y(n,k) = x (n-k) -x (n-k-1).............(1)

Replace n by n-k throughout the given equation above :

y (n-k) = x (n-k) - x(n-k-1)............(2)

Compare equations (1) and (2)

Here y (n,k) = y (n-k).

Thus the system is time invarient.

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