1 August 2018

Advantages and disadvantages of cluster sampling

A primary application is area sampling, where clusters are city block or other well-defined areas. Here this article gives information about the Advantages and disadvantages of cluster sampling to know more details about it.

Advantages of cluster sampling :
  • Sampling form is not required 
  • Simple
  • Chip and quick
  • Easy
  • Less travel 
  • Lower field cost
  • The close proximity of element can be cost-effective
  • Enable sampling of a group of an individual for which details on individuals themselves may not be available
  • Simple as a complete list of sampling unit within a population not required
  • This can be reduced travel and other administrative costs
  • In this sampling cut down on the cost of a preparing sampling frame
  • Less resource required
Disadvantages of cluster sampling :
  • Imprecise if unit within clusters are homogeneous
  • Lowest precision
  • The method generally requires a larger total sample size than simple or stratified random sampling
  • Cluster member may be more alike than those in other clusters
  • This needs to be taken into account into the sample size and in the analysis
  • Sampling error is too much higher for a simple random sample of the same size
  • Often used to evaluate vaccination coverage in EPI