Advantages and disadvantages of pulse position modulation

PPM stands for pulse position modulation, in which a relative position of the pulse is propositional to an amplitude of the modulating signal. Here this article gives information about the advantages and disadvantages of pulse position modulation

Advantages of pulse position modulation :
  • Signal and noise separation is very easy
  • PPM is a simple command from a transmitter to a receiver
  • Constant transmitted power output
  • This method is easy to separate out the signal from a noisy signal
  • Require very less power compare to pulse amplitude modulation (PAM) and PDM because of short duration pulse
  • Due to constant pulse width and amplitudes
  • Highest power efficiency among all three types
  • In this modulation, the amplitude is held constant thus less noise interference
Disadvantages of pulse position modulation :
  • Require very large bandwidth compare to PAM
  • A system has highest in complexity to implement
  • Highly sensitive to multi-pathway interference
  • Both devices are synchronized or differential pulse position modulation (PPM)  is used