Advantages and disadvantages flowchart

Flowchart are widely used in programming tool that programmer or program designer used to design a solution to a problem. Flowchart allows you to layout a complex set of interactions in a way that is easier to digest. This article gives the information about advantages and disadvantages of flowchart to know more details about it.

Advantages  of flowchart :
  • Better way of communicating the logic of a system to all concerned so flowchart is convenient method of communication
  • Problem can be analysed in more effective way with the use of flowchart  
  • It promote the logical accuracy
  • It provide overview of the system and also demonstrates the relationship between various steps. 
  • Easy to draw
  • Easy techniques to understand logic
  • Easy to identify the mistake done by non computer person
  • Easy to branching and looping
  • It is easy to convert flowchart makes program or system maintenance easier 
  • It help the programmer to write a program code which is need for various purpose
  • Flowchart act as a guide or blueprint during the system analysis and program development phase
  • It helps in debugging process 
  • Facilitates troubleshooting 
 Disadvantages of flowchart :
  • Some task are difficult to represent using a flowchart
  • Quite costly and difficult to use and manage
  • People need to understand what the symbol mean
  • Time consuming and slow down the process of software development 
  • Sometime in complex flowchart other program might have a difficult time understanding the logic and the process of the flowchart
  • Difficult for modification
  • It is just visualization of program it cannot function like an actual program
  • As the flowchart symbols can't be type so that reproduction of flowchart becomes a problem