Digital electronics books

1. Book name: Principal of digital electronics
Author: Meena K
Publisher: PHI learning

1. Book name: A textbook of digital electronics
Author: Dr. R S sheds
Publisher: Schand

2. Book name: Digital electronics
Author: G K Karate
Publisher: Oxford

3. Book name: Digital electronics
Author:  S k manual
Publisher:  Mcgraw higher education

4. Book name: Digital electronics 
Author: Subrata Ghoshal
Publisher: Cengage Learning

5. Book name: Digital electronics 
Author: Betty lincon
Publisher: Pearson

6. Book name: Digital electronics 
Author: DC Green 
Publisher: Pearson

7. Book name: Digital design 
Author: Morris Mano
Publisher: Pearson

8. Book name : Digital electronics
Author : Rogar L tokheim
Publisher : Mcgraw hill education

9. Book name : Digital electronics ; principal and integrated circuits
Author : Anil kumar maini
Publisher : Wiley

10. Book name : Introduction to digital electronics 
Author : Barrie hayes hill, J crowe
Publisher : Gill book

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