18 October 2018

Properties of DFT

Before we learn about properties of DFT first we learn about the exact meaning terms of DFT. The Fourier transform can be used for the analysis of a signal. It used for transformation from the time domain to the frequency domain. Here this article gives information about properties of  DFT to know more details or learn about DFT

Linearity : 
Periodic signals : A x(n) + B y(n)
Fourier series coefficients : A ak + B bk

Time shifting :

Periodic signals : x(n - n0)
Fourier series coefficients: ak e-jk(2π/N)n      

Frequency Shifting :

Periodic signals : x(n) ejm(2π/N)n      
Fourier series coefficients : X(k - m) 

Conjugation :
Periodic signals : x*(n)       
Fourier series coefficients : a*-k

Time Reversal :
Periodic signals : x(-n)       
Fourier series coefficients : a-k