Advantages and disadvantages of AC over DC

We all are aware of the basic concept of AC as well as DC. This article gives information about the advantages and disadvantages or drawback of AC over DC  to know more details about this topic. 

Advantages of AC over DC :
  • The generation of A.C is  much more cheaper than that of D.C
  • AC can easily be converted into DC with the use an of rectifier
  • A.C machines are simple
  • The variation of AC can easily be done using transformer either using a step up or step down
  • They are robust and also do not require much attention for their repair and maintenance during their use
  • In while using AC the loss of energy during transmission is negligible 
  • The AC can be easily converted into DC
  • The AC generator have higher efficiency compare to DC
  • The value or magnitude of AC can be decreased easily without loss of an excess of energy this can be done by only using a device the choke coil
  • The AC is easy to generate than DC easily converted into DC
  • It is cheaper to generate AC compare DC
  • A wide range of voltages are obtained by use of a transformer device
  • In AC the magnitude of current can be reduced by using an a conductor or inductance without any appreciable loss of energy
  • When AC is supplied at higher voltages in long-distance transmission, the line loss is small compared to a DC transmission side
Disadvantages of AC over DC :
  • The peak value of AC is high and it dangerous to use so too much better insulation required
  • An AC is transmitted from the surface of the conductor hence need several strands of thin wires insulated from each other
  • It attracts a person who touches it unlike DC which gives a repelling shock

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